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How To Buy A Home In Hawaii

8 Basic Steps to Buying a Home in Hawaii

Aloha Potential Hawaii Homebuyer,

Are you thinking about buying a home in Hawaii?

Everyone wants to own a little piece of Paradise……..and Hawaii is truly a paradise for those who can appreciate its physical beauty, cultural diversity and Aloha spirit.

Hawaii’s tropical climate, soothing trade winds, and relaxed lifestyle are known worldwide as a place to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

How To Buy A Home In Hawaii E-Book”, is a unique, one of a kind, publication for the Hawaiian islands that informs, educates and instructs potential Hawaii homebuyers on the Hawaii home buying process.

The 136-page E-Book is a clear and practical step-by-step guide that identifies the eight basic steps to buying a home in Hawaii and then explains in detail how each step is performed to achieve your Hawaii real estate goals.

Along the way, valuable, straight-forward advice is provided in order to save you time and money in your home search and purchase efforts.

This E-book is designed to consolidate and leverage the information resources available in our high-tech society and help educate individuals on the Home buying process in Hawaii.

The E-book contains over 225 resource links to additional information available on the internet to assist in your real estate activities.

The easy-to-understand question and answer format of the E-book allows the information to flow smoothly and effectively answers over 45 of the most commonly asked questions by Hawaii home buyers.

Simply follow the “How-To” steps in this E-book and before you know it, you will have successfully navigated the ocean of information at your fingertips and achieve your dream of owning a little piece of Paradise.

In “How To Buy A Home In Hawaii E-Book”, you will learn:

  • The eight basic steps to buying a home in Hawaii. Page 13.
  • How to find a Hawaii real estate agent that is right for you. Page 15.
  • The five key questions you should ask any real estate agent and the answers you should receive. Page 16.
  • Who are the “top” real estate companies in Hawaii. Page 18.
  • How do we define our housing needs and wants? Page 102.
  • How do I select a mortgage lender in Hawaii? Page 29.
  • Who are the “top” mortgage lenders in Hawaii? Page 31.
  • Who are the “top” mortgage brokers in Hawaii? Page 33.
  • How to understand the Hawaii standard real estate forms. Page 100.
  • Six great ways to save money on your home purchase. Page 93.
  • What type of mortgage should I get in Hawaii? Page 34.
  • What do Hawaii lenders look for when evaluating a mortgage application? Page 34.
  • The four key questions you should ask any mortgage lender and the answers you should receive. Page 29.
  • The three additional questions to ask a mortgage broker. Page 30.
  • What are the best reasons to buy an investment home in Hawaii? Page 79.
  • The website links and books that I recommend to help you select the right Hawaii home or investment property? Page 81.
  • How can we save money in Hawaii on our down payment and closing costs? Page 34.
  • How can you keep you keep your monthly payments low in Hawaii? Page 35.
  • What seven things should you be careful of when getting a condo loan in Hawaii? Page 36.
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  • How can you determine if a condominium building is approved for a FHA or VA loan type? Page 36.
  • Are there any other sources of mortgage information that I would recommend? Page 37.
  • What is the process of buying real estate in Hawaii? Page 38.
  • How do we determine if the price is right to buy a home? Page 67.
  • Are there in any Hawaiian real estate terms I should understand before I decide to buy a home in Hawaii? Page 53.
  • How do we identify the “right” neighborhood for our home in Hawaii? Page 55.
  • Is renting better than buying in Hawaii? Page 62.
  • What does fee simple and leasehold mean regarding Hawaii real estate? Page 63.
  • What is the best way to house hunt in Hawaii? Page 64.
  • How do we determine if it is a Seller’s Market or Buyer’s Market in Hawaii? Page 68.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a single family home in Hawaii? Page 70.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a townhome or condominium in Hawaii? Page 72.
  • Should we buy land and build a home or purchase a resale in Hawaii? Page 75.
  • What are the most important criteria to use when selecting a single family home investment property in Hawaii? Page 77.
  • When is the best time to invest in Hawaii real estate? Page 79.
  • What are the five keys to successful real estate investing in Hawaii? Page 80.
  • What is the Hawaii home inspection process? Page 83.
  • What are the typical buyer closing costs in Hawaii? Page 91.
  • What do we need to know about taxes in Hawaii? Page 94.
  • What do we need to know about pet ownership in Hawaii? Page 95.
  • Are there any additional sources for finding Hawaii real estate agents that you would recommend? Page 27.
  • What types of state of Hawaii home purchase assistance programs exist? Page 96.
  • What are the construction styles available in Hawaii? Page 74.
  • What important issues should an international buyer before buying a home in Hawaii? Page 85.
  • What types of things should we consider if we are moving to Hawaii from another state or country? Page 97.
  • In order to afford a home in Hawaii, we must make some compromises in our home choice….are there any compromises you recommend? Page 76.
  • Do we need a Buyer’s Agent or can we just use the agent that is listing the property for sale as our agent too? Page 26.
  • How do we pay the Buyer’s Agent? Page 27.
  • What do we need to know about electricity costs in Hawaii? Page 95.
  • And much more………
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